Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mama on the Verge

For a variety of reasons I am feeling very out of sorts -- and suspect I will for awhile. No I am not pregnant. Not it has nothing to do with trying to be pregnant -- which we're not trying. (That was for any friends who may be reading and wondering and would pepper me with questions that I just feel too exhausted to answer.)

I will say that at times like this I am so grateful for the friends I have, for my sister, for people who let me repeat myself many many times in a row and don't say, "hey you're repeating yourself."

I also love having this blog. Because while I know you will all read this and go, "Ugh. She's writing one of those bummer of an entries and WON'T TELL US ANY OF THE JUICY DETAILS!!" I still like thinking some of you are reading and saying, "Hey. Been there. Ate the pint (or two of ice cream). Know how you feel. And know it will pass." Even if you don't write it.

So, thank you.

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YLM said...

Hey hon, been there, ate the three pints of ice cream and the cookies. Know how you feel. And know it will pass.

Feeling the same way actually. A feeling of utter madness on a too-fast treadmill. Must be something in the air.

But it WILL pass.