Thursday, September 27, 2007


I wrote before that The Prince and I are going through a rough time right now. No specifics -- and not about us. (and not about our health, or The Rabbit's, for which, yes I am extremely grateful.) I actually feel good about how strong we are together when we hit times like this. We may squak and squabble with the best of them. But when it gets really tough, (and this is tough), we really meld together, knowing without saying when it's the other's turn for a shoulder to lean on.

In the past 2 weeks -- just before all this happened -- and since I have been noticing butterflies. Single orange butterflies just flying usually a bit above my head and then disappearing. I saw one picking up The Rabbit at her school yesterday in the playground. Another as we were walking as a family last weekend. And so forth. It's happened about 4-5 times. Now I've seen butterflies before. We've even raised a few crews in our place and released them. (Amazingly fun.) But even before this happened, I found myself looking at them and really noticing them. Can't explain.

I'd like to believe they mean something. I know it's probably some late blossoming caterpillars finally getting around to doing their thing before fall comes. But at the very least they're beautiful.

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