Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oprah's land of grateful

Here we go. Feel free to steal this, which I know, I know, no one will because it is TOO LAME but I have to do it:

List 5 things you are grateful for RIGHT NOW (without thinking)
1. The Rabbit's health
2. My health
3. The Prince's health
4. The fact we have a safe place to live and can sleep tonight.
5. The fact that my family is for the most part happy.

List 5 things you would change about your situation RIGHT NOW (again without thinking)
1. Get the Rabbit into the school program where I want her.
2. Get this gig I know I would be AWESOME AT and start.
3. Get The Prince the dream job he so deserves.
5. Turn me into a permanent size 6 so my size 8 pants would never feel tight again.

List 5 things you would change about your SELF, right now, without thinking.
1. Make me more calm.
2. Make me appreciate what I have.
3. Make me confident in my writing.
4. Make me NEVER lose my temper with the Rabbit.
5. Make my feet callous free. (Yes, lame, but that just popped into my mind.)

List 5 things you would change about the world, right now, without thinking.
1. Get a woman in the White House today.
2. Make the ice caps stop melting.
3. Have everyone plant a tree for every year they've been alive, and take care of it.
4. Give everyone 6 weeks of mandatory vacation, and 2 years of maternity leave. Worldwide.
5. Get rid of guns. Poof. In one second.

List 5 things you are going to do today that make you smile, right now, without thinking.
1. Pick up The Rabbit at school and see her beautiful face.
2. Paint a word tree with her (where we write words on leaves and tape them up as she learns them -- until the tree is gloriously full and green.)
3. Sing The Rabbit to sleep.
4. Listen to my favorite Stevie Wonder song.
5. Talk to the Prince.

And guess what -- this didn't help.

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