Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm going bald with frustration

I don't understand why The Rabbit fights me on everything.

So after this experience with her teacher, I actually did start to wonder. Was any of it true? I've been discovering, actually, that The Rabbit is doing stuff without telling anyone. Like reading. Like sounding out words. But she won't tell her teacher. AND SHE WILL BARELY SHOW ME. And when I ask her, she fights me, she walks away, she ignores me. I actually can barely stand it.

It's not like I don't know the feeling. I remember when my parents had a teacher/parents conference and came home and said I should be reading harder books and decided I should start Pride and Prejudice. And so they bought it for me and told me to read it. And asked me. Every day. And every day I refused. Said I couldn't understand it. Said I hated it. Said it was too hard for me. BECAUSE I HATED THAT THEY WERE MAKING ME.

So I get it. I really get it. Problem is, on the other side of the fence, I don't know what to do except to ignore it. And then The Rabbit ends up exactly in the same place: Not showing what she can do. And her teacher thinking she can't do anything.

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