Saturday, May 26, 2007


I'm feeling kind of dull at the moment which is why I haven't been on the blog much. I just don't have all that much to say.

I could go on about how Alpha and I are starting to plan our new kitchen extension which we just got the planning permission through for, but I'm pretty confident that the dilemma of which colour units to go for is not going to generate much excitement in anyone but us.

I could tell you about how hectic work has been but I'm kind of sick of grumbling about long hours and pissy clients. Yawn. Big. Fat. Yawn.

I could talk about the kids, but you know, they're absolutely fine. It's all good bar a few tantrums and a current obsession for pulling their pants down and mooning anyone who walks into the house but I'm not going to sweat that right now (although if they're still doing it in five years then it might be an idea to address the issue).

I could have a small rant about how rude people are in London, but that isn't anything new. Rude is the normal state of affairs, it's just that sometimes I notice it more. In fact, it only crossed my mind just now because some big lulking oaf stepped on my foot on the tube this morning and then had the cheek to glare at me when I sqeaked in pain. I guess it's not such a big deal (after all, I could have been wearing sandals...)

The only really exciting thing that has happened is that Firstborn won the egg and spoon race at her recent school sports day... but again I'm not sure that's especially exciting for anyone but me.

Alpha is fine too. He's pretty tired right now but this is often a blessing because it means he doesn't have enough energy to get cross. Although he is starting to get a bit tight-lipped about the laundry mountain; hey babe, stop sucking lemons - you know where the iron is and I can give you a super-speedy crash course in how to switch it on.

So there it is. I'm feeling kind of blah. Not bad, nothing tragic, just... blah.

But blah isn't such a bad thing. I'm rather grateful I don't have anything to get upset about. It's all just fine and you know, when you stop for a moment and take a good hard look at it, 'just fine' is actually pretty good.

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Manhattan Mama said...

Hey -- As you can see, I know the feeling too well that you're caught up in too. What's up in the cosmos? Did you work out the school situation for them?

Wish you guys were around. We could have the girls play and laugh about all this nonsense. Oh yes, but then you'd HAVE TO VISIT! ;)