Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Had a Good Cry

So yesterday I finally sat down and cried for about 2 hours over The Rabbit's school situation. Cried not because I know what's happening, but because I have spent more than one year trying to figure out how to get her into a good school where she can be HAPPY and LEARN (amazing how these two things don't always come together) and had hit my wall after a call in the morning.

It seems the school where The Rabbit is now -- a school I am not in love with, but have grown to see has actually been positive for her -- is not where she could end up next year. She could end up ANYWHERE because allegedly every school in the district we live in picks their kids by lottery. Yes, just let that sink in. Yes, the Shirley Jackson short story popped into my mind.

I never ever wanted to turn into one of these crazed moms. I never ever believed I would. My mom sent me to the school down the street from us. School was something we worked hard at -- grades were very important to my parents. But I never remember them going through agony over WHERE I would go everyday with my lunch box and frizzy hair. I can't believe what I've had to deal with -- and The Rabbit is just FOUR YEARS OLD.

I think the crying helped. And the two chocolate chip cookies. At least I emptied the well.

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Sugarmama said...

That's really what happens every year? The schools pick a fresh crop of kids each year and the kids have to start all over again?! What kind of stupid system is that? No wonder you needed to cry, fer chrissakes!