Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Utter Break from Reality

The Rabbit is set to start pre-K next year at a public school, and in a class -- so I thought -- with all her friends. In fact The Prince and I turned down her acceptance to one of the best public schools in the city (which we had to interview for -- can you believe this?) because we thought it would be more important to have her start her first real school experience with some children she knew.

We get our letters in the mail today and I find that's she been tossed into some class where it looks like none of her friends are.

And basically, upon opening the letter, my brains leaked from my head.

I began to yell. And shout. And rave about being singled out (oh, yes me -- not The Rabbit. Yes, I am aware of the psychosis here....) And I called a mother who happens to be one of The Rabbit's friends mom and started swearing at her.

I acted like someone needed to punch me in the face with a bullet of lithium and then cart me into a padded silent cell where I could chew on my bindings in peace.

So now I am sitting here embarrased. I emailed an apology to the mom. But since The Prince is out at a "work thing" (read: party where he gets drunk with 20-something-year-olds and then comes home thinking I'm in the mood...right...) I am all alone with my jittery anger.

I do want to go to the school tomorrow and at least find out for sure who is in her class (uh, no friends?) and then..what? Threaten them? Rip her from school? Move to Alaska? Because given my anti-social behavior I am sure that it the only place left where my rantings could be tolerated -- in an ice-frozen igloo.

You ever have those days when you want to rip a hole in the cosmos and wrench time backwards? Welcome to my night.

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