Friday, August 25, 2006

Underwriting the next generation

I received a bill from the taxman today. Barstards! Apparently, the bill was caused by an error in the IR's computer system that overpaid me for child tax credit. Idiots! I will have to pay the half-wits but will do so with much reluctance. What really gets me is that there are no longer any tax allowances for parents. Give us a break! We have less disposable income than people without children and receive no credit for the benefits that we are bringing to society. My annual childcare costs are equivalent to a reasonable pre-tax salary for a young single person. They make me so angry with their going out and having fun all the time while I sit at home cursing the price of babysitters and watching yet more repeats of Friends on the idiot box.

Provided my children do not become hardened criminals - they do act like terrorists a lot of the time so its too early to say with total conviction - they should grow up to become tomorrow's doctors or lawyers and hopefully contribute to society in a positive way. In 30 years time my daughter may save someone's life on the operating table, or if she's a hairdresser she might might make someone happy with a really good perm (I think they will be back in by then) or simple cut such as this one:

Having children is one of the most important ways of contributing to society yet the present Government would rather spend billions fighting a pointless war in the Middle East than subsidise childcare. I am also fairly sure that one of the main reasons that childcare costs in the UK are not subsidised is so that the parent that is not the main breadwinner is forced to stay at home, thereby leaving open another job to be filled by a jobseeker (most likely a young single person! They make me so angry with their smoking weed and staying out all night while I .. enough already!), reducing unemployment but at all times keeping the stay at home parent out of the unemployment statistics.

Enough grumpy old man shit, go to bed!

I'd better do as the voice in my head says. Apologies for the rant (and the gratuitous swearing) but I am nursing a hangover. Also, if any voluntarily childless people out there want to wire me some money for nappies/toys/nannies/beer my account details are: a/c XXXXXXX sort XX-XX-XX.


Manhattan Mama said...

I know you hate me for the edit Alpha Male (fellow readers, I XX'd out the account details and sort code of his and YLM's account...) but as a reporter who writes all too often about identity theft and what not, I love you both too much to see something like that happen. Okay so I am paranoid and a little edit happy....attack me tomorrow in your post.

alphamale said...

You don't think that alfamale would really leave his real a/c details on the Interweb do you? I pity the fool who asks his bank manager to wire money to the account of a Mr Alfa Male. Perhaps you were too slow and there's now a man in Nigeria wondering about the place dripping in bling calling himself 'alfamale'? Thanks for being so thoughtful MM next time I see you I'll buy you a drink if I have any money left after childcare and clothes/shoes for the boss. xx

spender said...

keep taking the lithium grandpa!!!!

The Prince said...
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The Prince said...

Nice Single Young Person rant, alphamale. I can't stand them or their disposable incomes either. That's why I don't give a f- if one of them looks at me askance as I disrupt whatever vapid conversation they're--like--having when I cruise into the bar or restaurant with my little peanut. Some of them have apparently been misinformed that this is THEIR city. Even the ones that drove in from Jersey!