Thursday, August 10, 2006

Somber News

Well, I had hoped after my pathetic week-long (more, get real) avoidance of posting to write something more snarky, but given todays news I feel I can't.

Now those who feel a need to blow up our airlines have used hair gels as a way to attack us. Just splendid. The stupid thing is, of course, that hair gel is so 1990s and that's why they got caught. Who wants crunchy stiff hair anymore? That would have been a tip-off to me. But now they've made it hard for us to even pack our lighter-weight stuff too.

Truthfully? Terrible news. Great that they were able to capture the people that they could find. They should be sent home to their mamas, who would know exactly what to how to handle them. I know I would.

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Emily said...

Haha. I thought that too. Hair gel? So LINE! (old Loreal ad over here).

What about tasting baby milk infront of people? It is so cold war. And I was thinking you could probably feign if it was bomb liquid. How long are they going to monitor you after drinking it?

Plus formula milk tastes vile and I would wrinkle my nose at it. I've also had the misfortune to accident snort some and I can tell you it wasn't a pleasant experience. No rush to be had there ladies.

I am sure if I was made to taste it I would be hauled away as a suspect due to my amateur dramatics!