Monday, August 28, 2006

A new game

I've discovered a new form of entertainment - checking out what search terms people have put into Google to end up at our blog. Some of the most recent include:

- teenage daughter still wears nappies
- I think I'm having a nervous breakdown
- my mother + nervous breakdown
- I'm having a nervous breakdown
- how to get my toddler to confide in me
- PR girl
- apologies to mothers
- yummy mummy sex
- ayun halliday + self-centred
- romance mothers
- mother and son porn

I fear that some of the above may have been a little disappointed....

Btw, Alpha Male will be back later with his closing post. Technically his last post should have taken place yesterday but since yesterday was spent recovering from a weekend of minimal sleep (we went to stay with friends and the Small(er) One had 'difficulties' adjusting re bedtime) and maximum wine consumption he has been granted a special dispensation. Anyway, in some parts of the world it still is yesterday so I guess we can cut him some slack. More later... after Alpha has made dinner, cleaned the car, unpacked the weekend luggage, hoovered, changed the bedding, bathed the children, put the rubbish out, sorted the laundry, ironed my shirts and completed my tax return...

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