Monday, August 28, 2006

It's been emotional

A last (quick) post to say thank you to YLM and MM for letting El Príncipe and I loose on the blog. It was fun, although I don't know how you both do it week in week out - especially when bringing up kids is so exhausting.

We just spent a lovely weekend with some very good friends down in the country. They are a gorgeous family, although I suspect the father might be G-A-Y. The girls had a great time being feral for a couple of days and doing things that just aren't possible in London. The only 'problem' with seeing these particular friends is that whenever we visit them I am left with an overpowering urge to leave the city and bring up my girls in a more wholesome environment. I spend the weeks following a visit looking at houses on the Interweb fantasising about country walks, fresh air, farmers' markets, farmers' daughters, log fires, big gardens, welly boots (or jelly boots as the Small(er) One calls them), and so on and so on. It eventually wears off. YLM claims to be a hard core city girl but is slowly opening up to the idea. I know London can be such a dump but at the same time it is strangely adictive and has its own particular pleasures that can't be found outside Zone 1. I guess we'll have to wait until we can afford the country retreat and thus maintain the best of both worlds.

Signing off.

Señor Alpha Macho


RS said...

To Alpha Male and YLM - a life in the country is great (although it does mean I can't come into work today due to SW trains). Thanks for all of this. It's prompted us to start our adoption blog soon to help us through the next stage of farting social workers and po-faced fattist panel members. Now just need to come up with some suitable ID's.

Spender said...

Alpha male, you should finish grappling with your own doubts before you start pointing the finger at others. Have a long cold look at your user name for starters.

Moving to the country is something you should only contemplate if everyone in your family can deal with spiders!!!!

alphamale said...

I love rattling your cage Spender. The only reason you moved to the country was because you heard that the Village People lived there.

RS - enjoy blogging. Can I suggest the monikers Prej and Judith?