Sunday, August 20, 2006

Anonymous no more

The girls and I are in The Sunday Express magazine today. The interview and pictures happened such a long time ago I'd almost forgotten about it, so it was a bit weird to see myself and the girls grinning out of the page in lurid colour. It was even more weird to read what I had said to the journalist, although it does appear that I behaved myself and didn't say anything too inflammatory.

I can't find the article online but will scan it in and post it here for all who may (or may not) be interested.


Angel said...

I was really impressed with the article and it has resulted in me setting up my own blog. Hopefully I won't regret it!

mel b said...

Just read the article in todays Sunday Express. didnt know what a blog was till today. of course my 12 year old daughter did! hope to set up my own page as its always chaos here.