Thursday, April 27, 2006

You was wrong Mama. You was wrong.

Yep -- went away with the rabbit and The Prince on a two week drive down the California coast.
So needed. So lovely. So insane.
I have to admit I expected the worst, which is why my suitcase resembed a life-saving kit -- mine. And weighed more than my own body weight. Okay, well, more than the rabbit's -- by far.
But amazingly, the tricks were not needed as much as I thought.

here are the highlights in the rabbit's own words:

"Are we there yet?"
"I don't like THAT kind of pizza. It has green things on it." (that would be basil...)
THUMP "I fell out of bed!!! Find me!"
"I don't like the inside stuff." (That would be the eggroll)
"Watch out for the poo-poo mama." (That would be orange juice spilled on the ground --the rabbit lives in NYC)
"I don't like being wet!" (This amid a rain storm that caused homes to flood away in Northern California.)
"Redwoods are big!"
"I don't like THAT kind of pizza. It has red things on it." (that would be tomatoes...)
"Can I touch it?" (This would be the 3-inch banana slug found under a redwood tree...)
"I hate trains!" (from a child who collects Thomas trains but finds the real ones "Too loud mama!")
"Are we there yet?"
"Is that soda? We're not supposed to drink soda. Can I have some soda?"
"I like that. What is that? Can I have another one of those pink things?" (That's shrimp sweetheart. Of course.) "I hate shrimp."
"I saw two crabs, daddy and one of them said, 'give me my shell!' And the other said, 'That's mine!' (at a tidepool...)
"Can we go home today?"
"I forgot to hug someone!" (thinking we were leaving grandma's house but really running an errand...)
"The Easter bunny like me."
"Again Again Again!" (that would be about riding the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland -- three times....)
"Mama what is that pink stuff? No over there. There!" (That's cotton candy honey.) "Cotton candy? I've never had cotton candy. I need cotton candy." (no one needs cotton candy sweetheart, and you may not like it. It's very sticky....)
"You was wrong mama. You was wrong." ( after the rabbit's first bite -- a fool's attempt....)
"I am going to miss grandma. Missing people is good. It means you love them."


Sugarmama said...

I know it's a mama-blog staple, but I am very, very fond of hearing what comes out of the mouths of babes. Glad that the rabbit didn't drive you nuts on your trip. Travelling with children is nothing if not unpredictable.

Manhattan Mama said...

Seriously. I know you're a pro at this, but wow, this opened my eyes. It is hilarious, isn't it, what comes out of their mouths? So absolutely straight forward, cuts right to the bone -- I love it! Wish I could do it more often.... (smiling wickedly...)