Thursday, November 24, 2005

Life Lessons

So far I have managed 32 years on this planet and while I am fully aware that I am nowhere near close to achieving inner harmony and being at peace with the world, some of the experiences gathered have managed to cling on like limpets to what's left of my brain. These are what I call my Life Lessons:

Life Lesson #1
Life enjoys throwing curveballs. The real test is how you manage to deal with them, or how quickly you duck.

Life Lesson #2
Sometimes, resistance is futile. Don't waste energy on the things you can't change.

Life Lesson #3
Don't be afraid of anger. It can be put to good use once you learn how to channel it properly.

Life Lesson #4
Expensive anti-wrinkle face creams don't work. Learn to love your wrinkles - look upon them as a map of your life, your loves and your joys. They say you end up with the face you deserve so smile as much as you can manage.

Life Lesson #5
It is impossible to please all the people all the time. Accept that someone, somewhere is going to be pissed off with you at any one time and refuse to make it your problem. Unless of course you have purposefully done something truly evil, in which case you probably need to take a good long look at yourself and your motives.

Life Lesson #6
Never underestimate the tonic-like effect of the purchase of a new pair of sexy shoes.

Life Lesson #7
Most of the problems encountered in any relationship boils down to any or all of the following: miscommunication, power struggles, boredom, laziness.

Life Lesson #8
Nothing in life is more important than your children. You brought them into the world and you owe them the best possible start you can provide. And to a child, nothing is more important than feeling truly loved by their parent(s). Material possessions have a shelf-life but the love between a parent and child should last for both your lifetimes.

Life Lesson #9
Embrace adversity; the bad stuff makes the good stuff better. Just remember to learn from it - making the same mistake once is unfortunate, making the same mistake twice is foolish, and making the same mistake for a third time means you're a bloody idiot with your head buried deep in the sand.

Life Lesson #10
You will never get chewing gum out of cashmere. Don't even bother to try. It will only end in (your) tears.


Suburban Turmoil said...

This is so great. You really should print this out and share it with everyone you know.

Yummy London Mummy said...

thanks Lucinda... feel free to share on my behalf! Most of my friends are past bored with my going on about my life lessons - especially as it is usually delivered in a slurred voice after a bottle (or two) of wine...:-)