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The End of Week One

I have completed my first full-time week in my new job.

Fun and games so far:
  • I came face-to-face with the Negotiation Demon (an author's agent, and boy, was she a piece of work), pulled my hard-ass mask on, and won. Pat on the back for moi. (Although if I'm honest, the past few years of negotiating TV and chocolate consumption rights with Firstborn has left me more than prepared for big girl battle, at least the Demon didn't hit me or try to smear her bogies on my jeans).
  • I made a tit of myself in front of the MD (in my defence, I was operating on diminished mental capacities, due to the Small(er) One being on sleep strike.) It was a Moment of Shame.
  • I had a client lunch at The Ivy and didn't see one celebrity, not even a small one. I am seriously disappointed - how am I ever going to win the office celebrity spotting challenge?
  • My multi-tasking skills have reached new heights; speed-ironing at 6am while applying mascara, locating my handbag (the girls secrete it in their special Tardis-like hideyplace every morning without fail), scraping the Small(er) One's Weetabix from my shoes (throwing cereal is the new giggle-provoking form of entertainment in this household), unloading the dishwasher, doing all essential paperwork, cutting a swathe through the toy mountain, finding whatever it is Alpha Male has lost at any given moment, and dispensing enough kisses, hugs and admonishments to keep the girls going throughout the day. I need a wife.
  • The Small(er) One uttered her first sentence: "Me me poo poo" (coupled with revolted expression on cherubic face and a chubby yet imperious finger jab at the offending nappy). How proud was I? It nearly brought tears to my eyes.
  • Completed on the purchase of the new flat. Goodbye suburbia! Hello Urban Outfitters and Barker's within trotting distance (and no doubt, goodbye solvency). Some minor remodelling and we should be inhaling Zone 1 traffic fumes within the month. Yay!
  • Discovered the joys of Pret A Manger yoghurt brownie pots. Divine.
  • And as an add-on to MM's previous post, found my first white hair (white! not grey! euww) and am starting to think of Botox as a viable option rather than a joke.

God, my life is beyond exciting at the moment.


Manhattan Mama said…
Oh how I miss Pret A Manger. They opened one here -- but they just can't get that coronation chicken thing I'm missing brownie pots??? And today I had a fantasy of Fortnum & Mason chocolate chip biscuits......I think I hear London calling....even the rabbit wants to go (home of Mary Poppins and all that)....hmmm.....time for a little holiday?

I am enhaling the fumes of your joy right now YLM!
you have GOT to come see me. I am going to try to negotiate with Alpha Male to come over but that may take some time - he likes me to be in nagging distance. lol. Want to Skype tonight? I'll be at home. Would love to speak to you.
yoghurt brownie pots AND an office masseuse?! good god, woman. i am bitter...although...well, any time i feel too envious i guess i can comfort myself with a gorgeous 50cent green shrimp curry or an $8 foot massage down the street. so i mustn't whinge. it's just, i'm starting to feel a bit asia-ed out at the moment. your blog evokes two of my favorite cities for me -- as well as making me laugh over various bairns' antics. congrats on surviving and enjoying week 1. you'll see a celeb next week, i'm sure of it!
Manhattan Mama said…
$8 foot massages???? When can I come and visit YOU! I understand Bangkok -- I often have that grass is greener feeling. Having spent 11 years in Manhattan (!) -- 4 years on this stint -- I am feeling nostalgic for basically anywhere else. It's lovely hearing from other mamas and getting to nibble, even for a moment, on the adventures everyone else is on.
Manhattan Mama said…
Hey -- I'll call you on my IP phone tonight. We're five hours apart right now, so I'll put in a call around 9:30 PM your time....hopefully Firstborn and Small(er) One will nestled with visions of sugar plums.....
The Ivy is in London, too? I am so out of it!

Have fun living in the city... I envy you.

You really should get a wife, er, assistant, if you can afford one. It would be cool to find a nanny who also does your former planning duties. Does that kind of woman exist? I wonder.

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