Monday, January 02, 2012

Global Male Stereotypes: The Hopeless Romantic

He seems perfect. A total gentleman, he'll stand up when you enter the room, his eyes aglow with admiration at the sight of your captivating beauty. You'll be showered with compliments and sweet love-notes chockablock with sweet-nothings.

The Hopeless Romantic calls when he says he will and texts just to say he's thinking about you - no gesture is too large or small and he will do anything to please. Not for him are the 'keep-em-keen' games employed by most of the male population; the HR wears his heart on his sleeve and he's happy to show it off to the world.

In essence, the Hopeless Romantic will behave like the perfect boyfriend, as described in all the women's magazines.

As in all things, if something seems too good to be true then it probably is. And in this case the Hopeless Romantic has one very fatal flaw: so desperate is the HR in his search for love, he falls head-over-heels at the drop of a hat... and out of it just as quickly.

As soon as a jolt of reality intrudes, the romantic bubble bursts and the Hopeless Romantic promptly heads for the hills. See that dust trail on the far horizon? Yep, that's your ideal boyfriend doing his very best Roadrunner impression as soon as the initial infatuation starts to subside.

What's a girl to do? Mark it down to experience, call your girlfriends for a heart-to-heart, accept your misfortune at being dragged into an illusion and sign the offending fool up for an annual subscription to 'Psychologies' magazine.

Don't pine or waste your time weeping - this Hopeless Romantic is a hopeless case. Simply dust off your best dancing shoes, laugh at your own gullibility and get out there to find a consort more worthy of your many charms.

Take heart though, for as they say: 'There's a love to be found in every town', 'Plenty more fish in the sea' and 'You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince...'


Anonymous said...

Met them countless times! Romantic! No, hard as nails!

A dad said...

I actually think men are naturally more romantic than women; and some men genuinely love women, of course, which makes falling in love so much easier.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, been there! The worse thing is you feel like a fool to fall for it but it looks real at the time. Sick of kissing all those frogs.

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Cameron said...

"As soon as a jolt of reality intrudes, the romantic bubble bursts and the Hopeless Romantic promptly heads for the hills."

That stood out to me so i had to quote it. Unfortunately Im that guy you've described above. Although I never have done it purposely, it just happens. Id attribute part to my parents lack of stability and long term anything. The other part to the classic novels I read as a kid. They can teach you to be a gentleman if you read them right. Those combined, Im a hopeless romantic.