Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Moments of Joy

A few months ago someone told me I needed to open myself to experiencing joy.

At the time, feeling joyful was the last thing on my mind. All I could see were what appeared to be insurmountable problems and I operated on a plateau of fear. I either lived in the past or projected into the future, neither of which gave me much hope of ever feeling joyous again. It looked pretty dark even when I was in direct sunlight. I'd dug myself into a hole and I couldn't comprehend how I was going to navigate my way out.

Now I can finally see more clearly and indeed, there are moments of joy to be found everywhere you care to look. They don't have to be momentous; the best moments are often fleeting and, on the surface at least, insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

The smell of my baby's skin; the feel of the sun warm on my back as I sit on the beach looking out over the waves; an unexpected email from a much-loved friend; a beautiful smile from a stranger; my favorite song on the car stereo ('Jesus etc' by Wilco at the moment); dancing in the kitchen with my three girls; sudden laughter inspired by something ridiculous; the scent of roses and jasmine; a near-perfect tennis serve; a sweet long-distant and almost-forgotten memory; an incident of random kindness; the smell of warm bread in the bakery; the sound of excitement and laughter rising from the school AstroTurf; a sudden hug from my child; a falcon soaring in the sky.

And often, the simple feeling of being truly alive is enough to uplift the soul. That in itself really is a moment of pure, unadulterated joy.


Anonymous said...

'I can see clearly now...Sun shiny day...' Sounds like you have had an epiphany sister! Keep singing the song...

Veena said...

Happiness....always comes from the simplest events in life and yet we miss it often!

Kate S. said...

Anon, yes I think I have. Painful but good, all in one shiny gift box.

Veena - true. Just got to keep your eyes open and then ensure you have the wit to spot the good things and the good moments. :-)