Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am currently standing on a 26th floor balcony looking out over an awe-inspiring view of Dubai, stretching far across the Gulf. I feel tiny.

As I stand here drinking in the sight of the sea, the sky and the Burj Al Arab, I'm listening to one of the most poignant and bittersweetly beautiful songs I've ever heard, from an album I purchased back in May but had forgotten about until very recently. This song seems to encapsulate my life right now, which is fortuitous since I find myself completely unable to express it in my own words - or at least, do it any form of justice without resorting to cliches and half-baked truths.

Sometimes a song captures a moment, a feeling or an 'inner shift' more thoroughly than words ever can.


(And just in case you're wondering after digesting the lyrics, my own personal leap is entirely metaphorical, not literal...) :-)

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