Thursday, October 06, 2011


Wow. What a week. I'm not complaining (especially as I've renounced self-pity as part of my recent emotional spring clean) but I am quite amazed at how much I've managed to pack in.

This time last week I was in California saying goodbye to my family and about to set off in my asthmatic hire car for San Francisco airport (still kind of wish I'd upgraded to that oddly desirable super-flash Corvette). And yet it seems so, so much longer than five days since I set foot back in Dubai - time seems to have stretched this week, making me realize that the concept of time is very much subject to perception...

Starting at University on my new postgraduate course, a serendipitous job offer that came totally out of the blue, being asked to act as the unofficial 'muse' for a new magazine set to launch in Dubai later in the year (more on this another time), finding a tenant for our house and starting the always-stressful hunt for a rental villa closer to the kid's school (so far unsuccessful, bah)... All this on top of the usual running-a-household stuff, the school run, the weekly homework trauma and trying to keep my unruly child-tribe from reverting to total savagery (an ongoing battle, often futile).

As someone famous once said, 'It's all about change, baby.' And change is something to be embraced, regardless of the inevitable trepidation that comes with it, because it's usually the prelude to something better... however long it takes to emerge. I'm hanging on to that.


Anonymous said...

Change...the prelude to something better... or ...the prelude to something different? Sounds like your life is full to overflowing. Make sure it's not more of the same! Good Luck!

Circles in the Sand said...

Hey, welcome back! Good to find you blogging again!