Tuesday, October 04, 2011


So far, this week is busier than I could have anticipated.
I had my first University lecture last night which I really enjoyed; the thrill of cranking up my rusty old brain again can't be underestimated. Was also very happy to see that my class is devoid of anyone displaying their rear ends or prone to puppy-like bouncing - most of my fellow postgrads are almost as ancient as I am, and a few even older. Phew. Slightly panicking about the large amount of reading I'm going to have to do though... Back on Wednesday night for a stats class, and a one-off workshop on Thursday night.
Today I'm meeting our new tenant who is due to move in at the end of the month; in the spirit of the modern age we are downsizing and also want to be closer to school - the Burbs commute is becoming a bit tiresome, what with my children's active social life and my role as Mommy Taxi.
Following that I'm off to view villas located closer to the girls' school as obviously we will need somewhere else to live - hopefully I'll find something cheap and gorgeous in a brilliant location which will be available in a couple of weeks (yeah, dream on Kate). Otherwise it will be a case of putting everything in storage and decamping to an apartment hotel until I find somewhere not too shabby and just about bearable.
On top of this, I've just been offered a temp proofreading job at a local trendy arts magazine.
Thankfully I'm still in the grip of jetlag, so sleeping a mere 3-4 hours a night will certainly give me enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be done...
I always did like to keep myself busy.


expatmammy said...

As long as you've time to squeeze in a wee drink with a certain expatmammy.xxxMwah.x

Manhattan Mama said...

so jelly you're back in school. Giving me thoughts...xo