Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh yeah

The sun is shining and, thankfully (at the very least, for the sake of my hair) humidity levels are low. I had croissants for breakfast. One of my favorite songs is playing on the radio. I've completed most of my homework for college. The house move is going full steam ahead, despite a series of no-shows from carpenters and welders. I met a fantastic woman this morning who I hope is going to become a very amusing friend. PLUS one of my best mates is in town and we're all going out to The Agency tomorrow night (college first, but the sacrifice is well worth it).

Oh yes, the sun is indeed shining today. :-) Happy, happy, happy.


mani said...

seeking happiness it self is a happiness.
good work.. keep it up.

Anonymous said...


expatmammy said...

sounds likea great day, see you friday???