Sunday, October 02, 2011

Hello to my new student life

I really am quite weary today. Blasted jet-lag. Managed to struggle through by means of lots of caffeine and sheer bloody-mindedness, although think I offended at least two mothers on the school run by 'ignoring' them (was in fact so damn tired could barely see). Oh well.

The exciting thing is that I am a student again. Yes! A student! At my age! Hurray.

I received the happy news that I'd been accepted by Middlesex University in Dubai for their postgrad MSc in Applied Psychology just before I had to rush off the States. Today was the first day of term so off I trotted this morning to fill out a bewildering array of forms and wait in endless queues, all part of the official enrollment process apparently.

There I was, the token old bird surrounded by hundreds of giggling teenagers literally off their faces with excitement. It all felt quite strange. Or maybe that was due to the cotton-wool jet lag head. Who knows.

What was undisputedly strange were the gaggles of 18-year-old boys walking around in jeans so enormous their a*ses were on full display (thankfully none were going commando - small mercies etc). Now, I may be wrong but I really thought that look was totally over by 2005... or am I missing some kind of teenage-tribe retro irony here?

But the really embarrassing thing was that whilst waiting in one of many queues one of these backside-baring youths mistook my look of utter bemusement for something else. Yes, hands up, I was looking in the general direction of his rear end (acid washed denim, WTF?) but in bewilderment, certainly not what the young whippersnapper obviously misread as Cougar-esque longing. The cheeky sod then proceeded to throw me a saucy wink and had a little giggle with his similarly attired mate. I proceeded to bury my head in my student handbook in a suitably scholarly fashion whilst trying hard to project a general aura of 'Mummy-ish-ness'.

God help me. I suspect I may be avoiding the Student Union like the plague. 


expatmammy said...

hahahahahaha, so funny!!! Welcome back to the sandpit hotstuff ;-)

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone, cougar or old sheep, be interested in teenage boys - foul mouthed, foul smelling, foul thinking and BORING? Can't wait to get them out of the house, not invite them in!