Saturday, October 01, 2011

Hello Dubai

I thoroughly recommend the following when embarking on a 16-hour flight:

- enjoy a proper meal before you board (not beige or wrapped in tin foil and preferably made from recognizable ingredients)
- swallow two Xanax before take off
- accept a glass of wine once the trolley comes round
- pass out for ten hours
- while away the remaining 5-and-a-bit hours watching world cinema classics (good for the soul plus who really wants to watch Transformers 3 anyway?) and two episodes of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (highly entertaining)
- introduce yourself to your neighbor and engage in a friendly but lively debate on the plus/minus points of Anglo-Indian relations with a quick foray into top-line cultural differences
- land 40 minutes earlier than scheduled
- breeze through immigration and customs, then go to the baggage carousel to find your luggage waiting for you with no delays
- come home and hug the hell out of your children (bonus points if they've made you a card and wrapped up their favorite treasures as a welcome home gift)

What a lovely, lovely day.


Shukoor said...

It's really a random thought.
Nice post.

Kate S. said...

Yes, my thoughts are often fairly random. Thanks for the appreciation Shukoor.