Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Madness Approaches

Fall hits like a vengeance and the Holidays are suddenly in full force. In New York, that means Halloween -- taken quite seriously here. Parades, parties and even presents. (Yes, we've co-opted that tradition from Christmas and Hanukkah). In truth, I adore Halloween. I love any holiday that gives permission to transform. I love the idea of make believe and using your imagination to crack open a door you may normally shut. I also love the innocence of it.

Over here at Mothers, I usually try to avoid hitting the stores for a costume for The Kid. Not because I like to take the harder route (although I have been known to take that tactic.) But because I love having H take some ownership of her costume. It becomes a week-long+ project -- an art studio in out living room. This year she's going as a robot: we've employed a packing box, spray paint, a used slinky, some bolts from her father's tool box, a broken computer keyboard and lots of Super Glue. The result? Fantastic. Photos will have to come after -- she's not interested in a big reveal just yet.

That doesn't mean we've avoided the big box stores: We've bought a screaming doormat, a blow-up spider, plastic snakes and bats, and of course tons of candy. But we've also made homemade spiderwebs and our own spider as well -- some plastic trash bags, wire hangers, construction paper and a bit of glitter. Brings out the pre-schooler in me. Best way to celebrate the season I think.

Happy Halloween All.

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