Tuesday, August 02, 2011

zzz and wtf?

Have now been awake for over 24 hours and counting so entirely possible that I'm hallucinating... but swear I just saw a man with impressive moobs showcased in a VERY tight t-shirt, nicely paired with skintight snow-washed jeans, a massive cowboy hat and a curly perm. Euww.

The evil bits of the 80's are apparently alive and well and living in Washington Dulles International airport.

Flight delayed again. Apparently they can't find a spare pilot. The plane may or may not leave at 1am. None of us are holding our breath. BB is sleeping like a... well... a baby, thankfully. The rest of the passengers are either sprawled out on the airport floor in a comatose state, weeping (those still on standby) or tapping away on some form of electronic gadget. There's a remarkable air of fortitude and comradeship going on amongst those of us still awake and/or not in tears; I love Americans, they're invariably so brilliantly and relentlessly positive.

Have decided that I'm quite keen on Dulles airport and that it's a pretty good place to be stranded in. Free Wi-Fi, phone and laptop charger points everywhere, plus a ventilated smoking room (!! in America !! In this day and age!!) with, brilliantly, a plate glass window so I can park BB right outside and keep an eagle eye on her while I indulge my slummy habit. If only the Starbucks stand was open 24/7...

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