Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday lunch

Big family gathering today with lots of food, a bit of beer and lots of music.

After various family members returned from their obligatory after lunch naps, the old hippies in the family got out their banjos, the young hipster got out his guitar and a few of us lent our lungs to a selection of old tunes; even BB got her groove on with a spot of percussion and some cheeky dance moves.

The day has since degenerated with a cousin-dance-off to Salt-N-Pepa (possibly the most sh*t band to have ever got airtime), with even Gramps getting in a bit of (mild) body popping.

Wild times afoot in Fresno... Lord knows what the rest of the night will bring...

Quality stuff:


Anonymous said...

You've obviously forgotten Milli Vanilli.

Plastic Paddy said...

Was just going to say Milli Vanilli were officially the worst 'band' but someone beat me to it! Sounds like it was worth the trip though!