Tuesday, August 02, 2011

San Francisco - at last!

Finally in San Francisco and just checked into a very slummy Travelodge - feel like I'm in a Tarantino movie. It's 5am here, in my third time zone since we left Paris and now have lost count of travel time/ hours awake.

The Washington Dulles saga continued once we got on the plane. We taxi'd, were moments from taking off... And then the plane filled with a burning smell. So off we went back to the gate for the maintenance team to take a look. An hour or so later and it was dismissed as a minor issue so we finally cleared for take off.

Could be worse, we could be sleeping on the floor of the airport tonight along with many other stranded people. A stroke of luck really.

BB is now fast asleep in what can only be described as a prison cot, but at least she's horizontal and no longer on my knee. Even she looks relieved.

Tomorrow, or rather, today - driving 200 or so km to Fresno. Better get some sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Horrific! Get some good sleep before you drive! Good Luck!

Circles in the Sand said...

Well done for staying so positive on such a long journey - and providing such great blog entries too! Happy travels!

Kate S. said...