Thursday, August 04, 2011

The journey's end (for now)

BB and I finally got to Fresno late yesterday afternoon after a happily uneventful four-hour drive. BB was pretty chilled for most of it but even she'd enough by the time we got to my Grandfather's house. She hasn't stopped since we got here, toddling around in circles like a drunken sailor, shouting "no no no" (her word of the moment), and stopping only to sleep and eat. Thankfully her jet-lag isn't quite as bad as mine.

A night of fitful sleep and we were ready to head out this morning for supplies in my big-ass rental car, a chunky Ford which looks like it's been abusing steroids. There we were, BB and I, cruising down the main street to a soundtrack of soft rock (I can't figure out how to change the station on the bloody car stereo), experiencing the good ol' US of A at its finest.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, there was a guy on the corner holding up a 'Jesus Loves You' placard, the fruit stand was loaded with locally-grown produce, there's a mall on every corner and a store for every need/ want/ desire. Despite being hit hard by the recession, Fresno still looks pretty much the same.

The biggest excitement of the day was when I was asked for ID at the liquor store. I was so flattered... until the clerk said that they ask everyone who looks like they might be under the age of thirty-five. Well, I'm nearly thirty-eight so I guess I'll just have to take that compliment, however small and paltry.

Plans for the rest of the day: a swim in the pool, dinner, bath time for BB, sleep. Perhaps tomorrow my brain will emerge from its foggy jet-lagged state and I'll be able to hold a coherent conversation with the members of my family. Here's hoping...


Anonymous said...

Sounds good - especially theswim in the pool and the fresh fruit. Oh, California!

Plastic Paddy said...

I'm exhausted reading this! Enjoy your time in California! X

Alina said...

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