Monday, August 01, 2011

The journey: stage one

Cosne to Paris Bercy : two hour train journey passed without incident despite having to get BB, pushchair, wheely bag and backpack off the train solo, my biggest concern. I needn't have worried; as it turns out French men are extremely chivalrous - three of them, including a surly looking teenager with multiple piercings, helped me at the crucial moment. Merci!

Paris Bercy to Charles De Gaulle airport: One surly taxi drive later and BB and I are at CDG, possibly the most uninspiring airport ever. BB is fabulous company despite her trying to run away at every available opportunity, so the boredom of the interminable wait is lightened. Need to have a word with her about going up to strange men and grabbing their backsides though, as even in France this is not regarded as civilized behavior. Also proving herself to be shameless thief of other people's crisps and sandwiches.

Next stage: 9+ hour flight to Washington DC, 2 hour wait at Dulles, then domestic flight to San Francisco... Damn last minute bookings, would happily trade my left buttock for a direct flight right now.

Next blog will be from US soil.


Anonymous said...

Boy - you're one brave Mama! Take care!

Kate S. said...

No, not brave but possibly certifiably insane. :-)