Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The journey: stage 2

NEVER fly Continental Airlines. It really is the Pound Shop of the aviation high street.

The planes are knackered, the leg room is tight even for a small person (I'm 5ft 2in, so if it's cramped for me then space really is at a premium), food is rubbish and they don't have baby seatbelts (outrageous) so I had to tie BB to me with a makeshift scarf arrangement. Plus today's flight cost the same as my last direct flight from Dubai to SFO on Emirates. On a more positive note, the air hostesses were really nice and couldn't do enough for BB and I.

Huge turbulence on the way in to Dulles, thank God for makeshift scarf arrangement as we were bouncing around in an alarming fashion due to an electrical storm - saw the lightning out of the aircraft window which made it all quite uncomfortably exciting.

Massive chaos at Dulles over the past fee hours due to the storm grounding most flights for a couple of hours or more earlier on, so a skeleton team of airport staff are frantically trying to get through the backlog. We're now due to leave for Frisco at 12.45am, a few hours of delay, while they try to locate our flight crew. It's all oddly amusing, or at least I can still be amused since I know I'm out of here soon enough, plus BB has been an absolute trouper and is currently snoring gently in her buggy.

I Feel really sorry for the people who can't get on a flight, though: one guy I spoke to has been on standby for 8 hours and still hasn't been assigned a seat. Lots of morose people milling about aimlessly and sleeping in random corners. A couple of people in tears.

Have now been awake for a total of 23 hours so excuse any typos.

Next post from San Francisco... :-)

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Anonymous said...

No baby seat belts - now that is outrageous! Makeshift scarf arrangements just will not do. Continental Airlines - please take note!