Saturday, August 13, 2011


Back in France after two marathon sleepless flights (got an upgrade though, yay) and a train journey. BB delighted to be free of her pushchair/ plane seat restraints so spent the afternoon wobbling at high speed around the garden, her adoring older sisters and cousins in hot pursuit. All charmed by BBs new ability to walk backwards, throw herself head first onto anything squishy whilst squealing in wild abandon, and shout "no!" to all and every reasonable adult request before racing off in the opposite direction.

It's now nearly 2am. BB and I are totally wired and hiding out in the kitchen to avoid waking everyone else up. Milk for BB, wine for me - hopefully both will have a pleasing sedative effect.

Jetlag sucks.

Tomorrow (today!) - packing five weeks worth of baby and kiddy crap into three frighteningly small bags and getting ready to fly back to Dubai on Sunday.

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