Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back in Dubai

I'm back in Dubai and jet lagged to b*ggery (why else would I be posting at 4am?). Too many time zones in too short a time, it's a killer.

After getting in at 2am yesterday morning, the girls were comatose in bed until lunchtime so I made the most of the peace and quiet by getting out of the house to run a few errands. As my car is still in the garage having God knows what done to it, I was in the Daddy Pimpmobile which is great fun. Not only is Alpha's own personal nod to a mid-life crisis super-fast and emits a pleasing growl when you put your foot down, it's the sort of vehicle more often seen driving through South London at high speed with a police car in hot pursuit. Maybe I'm a bit odd (it has been said before) but the image of a mid-life mild-mannered matron such as myself driving such a dodgy-looking beast amuses me.

Driving in Dubai during Ramadan is a pleasurable experience because the roads are almost empty, which means that you can spend less time trying to stay alive (although admittedly dehydration and an empty tummy does appear to promote some astoundingly erratic driving) and more time being able to admire the city. Being away for the past month has made me look at Dubai with new eyes and appreciate how amazing it is. Obviously the weather helps (forget complaining about how hot it is right now, it's not that bad and after spending weeks shivering in Europe I'm more than happy to get a bit sweaty) as most things look better when the sun is shining, but the skyline is more than impressive, palm trees make me happy and I always was appreciative of on an arid landscape.

More than happy to be home; think I kind of got the travel bug out of my system for the time being. 

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Circles in the Sand said...

There's no place like home! Hope the jet lag wears off quickly :-)