Thursday, July 07, 2011

The summer exodus begins

No Dubai Stereotype today. The city seems strangely empty now the summer exodus has started and as a result I'm totally out of inspiration.

I'm not complaining though as there are many good things about Dubai emptying out, such as:

  • Getting to summer camp at the girls' school now takes an impressive 14 minutes door to door (broke a new record this morning - and all without having to drive like a total ar*se)
  • Parking couldn't be easier, the only issue is fighting the severe choice paralysis that comes from being faced with too many empty parking spaces
  • Doing the weekly grocery shop is now a breeze: no annoying aisle-blockers, no random rudesters trying to jump queues... *sigh of pure joy*
  • The community pool is an oasis of calm and serenity
  • Getting a last-minute appointment anywhere - doctor, dentist, beauty salon, spa - is now entirely possible... plus you're not made to feel like an insane person by the receptionist when you call up to request this previous impossibility
  • Business meetings can now be held in cafes and restaurants, even when you need to discuss sensitive issues, because you're likely to be the only customers in the place (who needs to book expensive meeting rooms??!)
See, there's always a bright side if you look hard enough.

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Manhattan Mama said...

It sounds like Manhattan. Where have all the creatures gone? I love the city empty. At the best, with the heat, there are fewer people on the subway, and fewer people who "bump" into you. ;)