Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Randomitis: Fourth of July

Me:  I'm grumpy
The Neighbor: You think?
Me: (raises eyebrow)
The Neighbor: I need to get really big ice cubes. I had this one big ice cube in Paris that kept my Old Fashioned cold and the ice didn't melt. It didn't water down my drink.
Me: Can't you just freeze water in a big glass?
The Neighbor: No you can't. The drink will overflow. Anyway, it's a big thing.
Me: In Paris?
The Neighbor: In New York. It's what all the Williamsburg hipsters are doing.
Me; Oh then definitely do it. Be a hipster. Do it.
The Neighbor: Okay. Like right now, I would like it in my Pimm's Cup. (burp) Excuse me.

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Catherine said...

Ahh, the big ice cube is all the rage in SF too. I actually asked for smaller ice cubes at a bar once and got some bad attitude - over ice. Alas, in Amsterdam they don't really do ice at all. Such problems! :)