Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who are you?

I always like to trawl through our various blog stats and feed monitors - it makes me think about who you all are and where you're from.

Last month, 39% of you were from the U.S.A., 25% from the U.A.E, 12% in the U.K., 7% in the Czech Republic, 6% in France, 4% Malaysia, 3% Canada and 3% Germany; as well as the odd Aussie and Kiwi dropping by and a few of you logging on from Iran and Taiwan.

A whopping 79% of you use Windows as your operating system, with only 9% on the Mac. It's nice to see that over 6% of you are early adopters, reading MotV from your iPads (so hip), although only a few of you visit via your iPhones and Blackberries.

We get a lot of first-time traffic from being a recommended read on the Huffington Post (thanks guys) as well as other incoming links from Facebook, Twitter and a number of other blogs. Most of you are repeat visitors and come to us direct by typing in our URL, via email subscription, Google friend connect or various feed readers.

The bit we enjoy the most is how first-time visitors find us via various search engines. Here are some of the  search terms you've inputted and somehow found us:
  • sexy mother
  • Jennifer Connolly pics
  • older mama 
  • how having a baby changes a relationship
  • coke addiction
  • botox in Dubai
  • spideyman
  • Dubai plastic surgeon
  • pile of poo
  • bottom lifting jeans 
  • Carla Bruni Stepford Wife
Thanks to all of you who drop by often, and especially to those regularly leave comments and feedback offblog.

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Anonymous said...

Now I feel stalked!

Kate S. said...

Don't worry, I might have your IP address but I have NO idea who you actually are. Phew, eh?

Anonymous said...

Not worried about you unless you are an MI5 plant!