Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're back!

Just got back in the early hours of this morning, so excuse me if I keep this post shortzzzz.

Top 10 Quotes From The Italy Adventure

1. "Well, it just wouldn't be a holiday if you didn't get us lost at least once, would it?"
2. "Are we there yet?"
3. "That child needs professional help. What's she shouting about now?"
4. "Why are you smoking so much?"
5. "God, I need a glass of wine."
6. "The best behaved person in this car - adults included - is Baby Belly. Considering she's only nine months old that doesn't say much for the rest of us."
7. "You're the most horrible family in the world and I'm going to get revenge. It won't be a small revenge, it won't be a big revenge - it'll be a medium revenge and you'll all be really really really sorry."
8. "Only in Italy could a man wear pink jeans and avoid aspersions being cast upon his sexuality."
9. "This hire car is a piece of cr*p. It's positively asthmatic."
10. "That's it. Holidays from now on are cancelled. Forever. Or at least until the children are 18."


outlast blanket king size said...

Wow! This is very good to know me that you are back and I like your post very much and your quotes are very good.
Thank you for sharing with us

Juicy Jumeirah said...

Don't you just love family holidays!!! xx

Kate S. said...

thanks blanket, nice feedback.
Juicy - NO!!!

Spring Chicken said...

Good to have you back- glad you are all back safely!!!