Thursday, April 28, 2011


Am so hung over I can barely type. Think I was mugged by a very aggressive gang of strawberry daiquiris last night.

Apart from the impressive strength of the grown-up alcopops, Nasimi Beach's 80s night is a bit of a non-starter. No 80s music to be heard before 11pm (by which time I was ready to head home), no sign of the promised Madonna and Ronald Reagan impersonators (which, frankly, was a large part of the appeal... sad but true) and a very sparse crowd. Possibly it all kicked off after we wobbled off at 11.30pm, but I wouldn't stake anything important on it.

Apart from being in the wonderful company of the Lovely Lucy and catching up on a year's worth of gossip,the highlight of the evening was being propositioned by a very strange Danish lady; obviously Lucy and I gracefully declined her kind offer, being the respectable matrons that we are. Danish lady, who was wearing the smallest dress we've ever seen, responded to our polite rebuff by sending drinks over to our table and leering at us, in between doing sexy dancing with her equally skimpily clad friend and sauntering past while trying to catch our eye - subtle she was not. Lucy and I still aren't sure if we should be flattered or offended.

Wedding reception to go to tonight, then Dubai Reunited's Royal Wedding Garden Party tomorrow. How the heck am I going to survive?


Anonymous said...

You two should have gone off with the Danish of course! Silly you! You'll regret it when you're too old to pull! Anyway, how could Alpha possibly have complained?

Kate S. said...

Alpha would only have been complaint-free if I'd called him and asked him to join us! No, if I'm to be entirely honest, I'm far too dull to run off with a Danish Amazon, plus she was really quite scary.