Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A pox upon our house

Poor Baby Belly is covered in chickenpox spots and has been put in quarantine for the week. Pinning a nine-and-a-half month old down to dot them with calamine lotion isn't a huge amount of fun (think extreme championship wrestling and times it by two) but otherwise she's remarkably cheerful. So far BB hasn't been ill at all, apart from the spots, although her usual clingon tendencies have been ramped up a notch resulting in a largely sleepless night for she and I last night.

Lack of sleep or not, I'm off out tonight to Nasimi Beach's 80's night with my house guest the Lovely Lucy and renowned party animal Ex-Meadows Mummy for a boogie in the sand - probably the last one of the year since temperatures are starting to soar. I'll report back tomorrow.

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Coupon Codes said...

Ugh, chicken pox are no fun at all, for child or parent!