Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In recovery

The Small(er) One's party was a great success in the end, despite the initially gloomy outlook. Who needs bouncy castles, entertainers, petting zoos and face-painters when you have a packet of tattoo transfers and a pinata stuffed chock full of e-numbers? Marvelous.

But the star of the party was undoubtedly Firstborn, who's natural bossiness (a given considering she is the eldest of three) was put into good use as Master of Ceremonies along with her two chums as helpers/ bouncers. Although I may need to have a word with her about taking it easy on the micromanagement - a good old traditional game of pass-the-parcel isn't quite the same when the Year 4 Mafia insists on unwrapping every layer on the recipient's behalf...

Thank God that's over for another year. Now I can concentrate on Baby Belly having chickenpox (yup, the spots appeared today), getting ready for my trip to the US next week and enjoying spending time with my house guests. Bring it on!


Crystal Jigsaw said...

I'm so glad we don't do parties anymore. Tried it and failed!! Love the thought of your first born being a bouncer at the party, what a great job to have!!

CJ xx

Kate S. said...

Firstborn is available for bouncer duties across the UAE at very reasonable rates. All enquiries to the usual email.