Sunday, April 24, 2011

The great birthday cake fiasco

Feeling less smug today. Or should I say, feeling less smug right now.

Day started well by taking Baby Belly for her first swimming lesson (hate to gush, but oh too cute) followed by two-hour lunch meeting and usual school pick up. Then I started baking.

The 27 cupcakes for the Small(er) One's class were produced as planned. Should have been 30 but oddly a few vanished when I left the room. Decorating of the cupcakes went OK, not my finest effort but as I was trying to organise an Easter egg hunt, cook dinner for the kids and entertain a very cross Baby Belly at the same time, I might just forgive myself.

Then I tried to bake the birthday cake. Which is where it all started to go wrong.

I went for my usual foolproof chocolate cake recipe. The one that has produced decent results every time. But did it work? Did it buggery. The flattest chocolate cake ever is now sat on the kitchen worktop, looking as forlorn as I feel. Oh yeah, it also crumbled when I turned over the tin, so it looks as shabby as I feel too. All in all, not a pretty sight.

My spirits fortified by an undisclosed quantity of beer, I started on chocolate cake #2. Possibly a bit too much fortification took place as I almost poured San Miguel into the cake mix instead of the required 160ml of milk. Note to self: never drink and bake.

Effort #2 now in the oven. Fingers crossed. 


Anonymous said...

Dying to hear how the cake turned out!

Anonymous said...

Let us know of the progress to cake #2...... dying to hear your result!!!

Kate S. said...

Ended up OK thanks Anon. Not exactly my best ever but it's quite amazing what sins lots of icing can hide! Kids demolished it anyway, along with lots of other sugary things. Happy days.