Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Idiot me

Realised how utterly useless I am at navigation this morning when I tried to find the location for my morning appointment. Stood about feeling confused (where the f is building 8??) then realised that I was actually in the wrong area (Media City and Internet City - easily confused, right?). This was then followed by a sweaty panic whilst trying to find the other area - which on the map was practically next door - driving about cursing and attempting to follow stupid road signs that kept on inexplicably vanishing. I was finally forced to come to the unhappy conclusion that I was hopelessly lost.

End result? I had to be 'talked in' to actual meeting location over speaker phone. Humiliation - 1, Me - nil.

Think I made a brilliant impression all round, actually. Especially as I'd managed to spill Diet Coke down my top while making aforementioned sweaty curses, so arrived at meeting looking hot, bothered, hugely embarrassed and utterly disheveled (word of warning - don't try to get carbonated drink stains off silk with a baby wipe).

Kind of want today to just be over.


Meadows mummy said...

You were ace at the meeting tho! xx

Kate S. said...

Thanks MM, bless your kind soul. That might be hearsay though as, if I recall, my pissing about meant that you couldn't make the meeting! x