Monday, February 28, 2011

more about shopping

I love shopping. I've always loved shopping and probably always will. And if there's one thing that makes shopping even more exciting, it's bagging a bargain. Ooh, the thrill of it! The lure of a 75% off sticker... the promise of something glorious for the fraction of the original price!

Alpha says I'm a sucker, but if that's the case then I'm a happy sucker, so hurray and celebrations all round.

In the old days I got my discount fix twice a year in the sales. Sometimes I would be lucky enough to go to one of those shopping outlets malls where they sell last year's lurex pants in tiny or super-extra-large. Then TK Maxx came along, oh happy day (but sadly there is not even one tiny store in Dubai - sort it out guys, we're not all super-blingtastic here y'know).

And then, the ultimate dream of any bargain-hunter, I discovered the wondrous phenomenon of the social group discount site!! Ahhhh.... it's almost too much. Deep discounts and serious money off - we're talking between 50-90% here people! What of kind of stuff, you ask? This is the really good bit, it's stuff you actually want: everything from dinner out and exercise classes to spa treatments and, on some, sites, holidays.

Check out these bad boys and let me know what you think:

  • Groupon - USA, UK, UAE and loads more countries from Argentina to Uruguay
  • Gonabit - based in Dubai, only in the Middle East
  • Cobone - based in Dubai, only in the Middle East
  • BuyWithMe - don't know much about this one as not yet launched in the Middle East (and won't let me on to have a peek in advance, boo!) but apparently fairly hot in the USA
  • Dealster - huge in the USA

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