Friday, February 25, 2011

Momma needs, wants, loves

When Firstborn and the Smaller One first came along all those years ago the baby stuff on offer was fine. But now? Wow! It's a smorgasbord of consumer joy.

Here's my top three baby essentials:
Aden + Anais is my new favorite. Gorgeous baby swaddles, sleep sacks and blankets made from light muslin in beautiful patterns and colours. Me likey. UK and US customers can buy direct from the website or from Amazon. Amazon coupons are always available. In Dubai you can get a more limited selection from BabySouk or if you prefer to shop offline, there's a baby shop called ZaaZeeZou in the Jumeirah Centre on Beach Road which stocks the brand and loads of other great stuff.

I've always liked Zoggs for their ace goggles. Now that it's warming up in Dubai we'll be hitting the pool again soon after our winter hiatus, and we're all a bit excited about turning the Belly into a water baby. I'll be getting a swim nappy and a swim hat, plus Zogg's new Swimfree Floatsuit which is pretty clever - it's got built in air thingys which let you inflate or deflate to whatever level of buoyancy your child needs (especially brilliant when you consider how much your baby grows in the first couple of years) plus has a UPF of 50+ (also great as Belly has a tiny tantrum whenever I try to coat her in suncream). Firstborn and the Smaller One will also be getting some new pool toys - Seal Dive Sticks and Super Soakers.

Every baby should have a Bumbo seat. Yes, it looks kind of weird. Yes, Belly's fat thighs sometimes get stuck in it. But it is fab. We take the Bumbo to the beach with us - Belly's happy as she's sitting up and able to stare at everything around her, we're happy as she can't stick her face in the sand and eat whatever she finds. It's waterproof and our bathroom floods like anything, so Belly sits in it while I'm in the shower (could probably put her in the shower while seated in it, now there's an idea...) It's also known as the 'poo seat'in our house as there is something about the angle of sitting that produces a poo within 10 minutes - so not only useful for tethering baby to one spot, but also a proven cure for constipation! What's not to love?

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Anonymous said...

Aah the bumbo! You have to pick the pre-crawling moment as my little one escaped when we put him in it!! Very funny read though.