Monday, September 13, 2010

Why 7th Grade Poisoned Me To Exercise

Does anyone hate exercise as much as I do? While not calling myself a couch potato, if I have to think about exercising it's not going to happen.

Living in New York means that I exercise just by going outside. Picking the Rabbit up from school and walking her home is already a 20-25 minute walk. And considering I'm always late I practically run to the school -- more aerobic exercise for me!

But if it means I have to go to a studio, a workout room, or please -- a class? -- it's not going to happen. I've tried yoga classes which I love. But working from a home office, when I have a hard fast stop time in the middle of my day (it's called a child) means I am very reluctant to don the workout clothes, walk to a class, come home, shower and restart. That's 2 hours out of my day -- and honestly? I don't feel I have that.

Yes, I have tapes, and barbells, and those stretching bands that I'm supposed to use for resistance. And no I don't run ever since my gym teacher Mr. Kahn in the 7th grade told me I sounded like I was a smoker with asthma when I did the 600-track every morning. (self-conscious is now an understatement.) I love swimming and if I one day win some insane lottery or writers start becoming the highest paid workers in America, I'll install a pool inside my 6-story brownstone and be thrilled.

Until then, it's me some mangy sit-ups and my fast sprint to school each afternoon that I pray can keep the spread at bay. I fear it's not least I stared at my 8-pound weights this morning....

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