Wednesday, June 16, 2010

YLM builds her nest: 3 weeks to D-Day... and counting

So far this week I've pulled the spare-room cupboards apart and reorganised them, sorted through mounds of baby clothes (really hope the baby does turn out to be a girl, there's a hell of a lot of pink in there), made a fairly complicated cheesecake with chocolate and butterscotch swirly bits, cooked a rather good chicken curry, ticked off the headmaster for his lily-livered stance on the Starbucks debacle (a few strident complaints does not a consensus make), went on a school trip to the rather excellent Cite des Enfants, and am currently engaged in what promises to be an epic saga in trying to track down my very nice (if I ever get my hands on it) New Zealand-made baby hammock, currently gathering dust in a post room somewhere in Dubai.

I've also taken a heap of pictures in to be framed (a long overdue task), delivered material to the tailor to make summer dresses for the big girls, packed (and repacked) my hospital bag, bought baby essentials like nappies and wipes, recharged the video and digital cameras (although sissy Alpha refuses to even point a lens at anything remotely gory, let alone look through it, ya boo) and completed a spread sheet on the different companies in Dubai offering stem cell storage.

Nesting much?

Reckon so.

Which means I'm probably ready for Stage 2, otherwise known as Let The Shopping For Cute Baby Stuff Commence. Perhaps I'll do that tomorrow....

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