Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mama's got the shopping itch

I thought I was beyond feeling lustful about anything in this advanced stage of pregnancy (except perhaps for contraband chocolate cake) but that was before I stumbled over this site, a cheeky little online boutique by name of Little Beau. I can only describe it as babystuff shopping porn (sorry Alpha, possibly our finances won't be looking too healthy this month... put it down to pregnant craziness and let's move swiftly on).

Here's what's got me frothing at the mouth:

Taggies in organic and silk: I love Taggies. Having lost far too many favorite silky scarves and other soft items to the comfort blankie cause over the years (my big girls still sleep with two sarongs I picked up a decade ago in Thailand), Taggies are great option if you're fond of the contents of your wardrobe. The new Naturals range in organic cotton and silk are positively covetable. Top of the wish list? You betcha.

Fabulous wigwam: I have very fond memories of building dens when I was a kid so anything that works as a cool hide-out gets my vote, especially if it stops the kids making scruffy-looking snugs out of duvet covers and bits of rope - or am I missing the point here? Lovely appliqued and embroidered details too. Me likey.

Babysoy clothing: This comes with the bonus of making you feel all eco-smug, spot on for totally upstaging all those right-on Gwyneth-a-likey 'my baby's nappies are made entirely out of  recycled junk' types. Bleugh. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how making clothes out of soy fibres is going to save the planet but apparently it ticks all the right fairtrade and sustainable boxes, so that's alright then. But let's get real here, what I (and you, be honest) really care about is that it's cute, super-soft, machine washable and comes in nice colours (i.e. not a bit of scratchy hemp fibre or tie-die in sight - finally, hippy grows up). What's not to love?

Sadly the site doesn't deliver in the U.A.E. (story of my life, bah) but these little goodies are currently winging their way to a friendly UK postal address as I type, ready to be sent on to languish in Dubai's general post-office for a month or so before I manage to track them down. Cheers guys! As if my life isn't exciting enough...

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