Sunday, June 27, 2010


Last week of term so lots of presentations to teachers and goodbyes to those not coming back in September. Got school reports today, no surprises except for the Small(er) One being heartbroken as her class is being split up and she will be parted from her best friend (Quote: "My heart is broken, she is my one true love, sob" - too many Disney movies perchance??)... am filing this one away to deal with later when I have built up adequate emotional reserves.

Firstborn's birthday tomorrow. She insisted on me making 30 fairy cakes all with piped faces and smartie eyes to take in to school for her class; they're not going to win any prizes but it made the girls laugh so I guess I did good. Sweaty stuff though, baking when it's 40C outside and my air conditioning is less than useless.

Book club tonight at mine, thank God I don't have to leave the house. Thought I'd make a cake since I'd already made bloody fairy cakes but obviously my luck ran out with the first batch. Dropped the first cake I made - gah! cue outrageous fit of swearing (so bad the Small(er) One ran out of the room with her hands over her ears, I blame the hormones) - second cake not very good but bugger it, sending Alpha out to buy ice-cream instead.

Anything else? Oh yes, how could I forget? Prepare to give birth in one week and one measly day. Phew. Can't wait to chill out in a nice, quiet hospital room.

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