Monday, March 15, 2010

Mama Went Over The Edge

So, yes. There actually are Mothers involved with Mothersontheverge – although my absence for the past year, it’s understandable thinking that YLM was solo. She’s amazing – and I’m a hideous flake for disappearing for 12 months (was it that long?? Maybe 11?)

Don’t want to go into a long sob story, but as I am hoping to be welcomed back by you all and YLM I think some explanation is required.

So in April last year a family member was diagnosed with cancer – on Easter Sunday. (Loved that, right?) No, not The Prince, or The Rabbit, but someone still in my immediate family and it knocked me a bit. To jump right to the main point – the cancer appears to be beaten, surgeries are over, and we’re all starting to breathe again a bit.

Then right around that same time The Rabbit began experiencing extreme acid reflux – every night. Eight months of Prevacid did little to knock the situation into appeal. And after a battery of more tests, and a biopsy (not fun let me tell you, watching your 7-year-old struggle against being put under general anesthesia) we found she actually had Celiac disease. What’s that? A fancy genetic condition that means she cannot eat gluten – anything derived from wheat, barley or rye. It causes lesions in her stomach, can lead to hideous medical crud if not treated, and is not an allergy. She’ll never outgrow it, she’ll never eat my chocolate chip cookies again, and yes, I’m not thrilled but we’re getting the hang of it.

So let’s just say that I didn’t feel all that chatty this year, nor able to write anything pithy, funny, snarky or snide. Have to say I don’t feel completely there yet – but hoping (really hoping) you’ll bear with me and let me join in on the all the fun you’ve all been having.

There’s going to be some rough spots here – you know, getting back on the horse again, and all that – so if I hit in yawn-land just let me have it.

Believe me, after last year? I think I can take it.


YLM said...

Welcome back Mama. You are so not a hideous flake, you've just had a truly hideous year.

But I'm glad you're back and that things are better (we can't ever hope for perfect, but better is a pretty good interim option), I've missed you!


Anonymous said...

So sorry for your bad year - some just spin out from under you, don't they? Glad the cancer scare is now abating. I had that one as well - with a happy outcome too. Now your Rabbit! But, on a positive note, I have 4 cousins with this disease. We met up recently and they are all extremely healthy adults - probably as a result of being careful with themselves. They are very dietary conscious, of course, so a slight blip with restaurants, but they shine with health. Hang on in there and nice to have you back.