Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Am back in the land of the living but still grumpier than hell.

Will blog again when mood improves. Suspect I will feel much better when I am no longer limited to one glass of wine once in a blue moon, am forced to sniff other people's nicotine when passing them in the street (as obviously I am now a zero-nicotine zone) and can squeeze my ever-growing monstrous arse into normal jeans again (you know, the ones that don't have a stretchy humungous sock instead of a waistband).

So, yes... my mood will improve in amazing ways post-childbirth.

Sigh. Only 18 more weeks to go.

Shallow? Me?


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Anonymous said...

Cheer up - you have a lovely new bundle of joy to expect - plus sleepless nights, teething, nappy rash, and all the joys of motherhood. 18 weeks you say - more like 18 years. Good Luck Mama.