Thursday, January 28, 2010

Letter from the Small(er) One

The Small(er) One is revelling in her newfound ability to write. When she's taking a break from writing Alpha and I little notes to tell us that she'll be moving house as fast as she can pack her bags, mainly due to the fact that we don't give her enough chocolate, she's writing love notes. Here's one we received yesterday:

To Mum and Dad,
I reele reele love you.
I wul mis you wen you dye beecus I love you.
I love you. xxx


Anonymous said...

What a darling child you have.

Anonymous said...

That is lovely. On a cynical note - here is a letter from The Teenage One in similar vein -

To The Parents
I reele reele hate you.
I wish you wur ded beecus I hate you.
I hate you. zzz

Sorry - couldn't resist.